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    Forum Rules!


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    Forum Rules! Empty Forum Rules!

    Post by IttyBittyNinja on 5/18/2010, 10:54 pm

    Follow these rules or else you might be banned.

    -If you are

    1. Do not email/PM to be unbanned. Just wait it out
    cause MOST LIKELY you deserved it.
    2. Do not make a second account or
    log into a second account if you already have one. If we happen to scan
    through IPs to find you match a banned account then there will be more
    severe consequences

    -No Spam
    1. Some forums have
    different insights of what spam is. We have our own a well.
    2. Keep
    post a 5 word minimum, On-Topic, Constant messages about the same thing
    on different or same topic.

    -No Double Posting
    Double Posting is when you make 2 post in a row in the same
    thread/topic. We have an edit button for a reason and expect you to use

    -No Flaming
    1. Flaming is when you
    criticize someone harshly.
    2. If we find you doing this there may be a
    ban coming your way

    1. Troll is
    someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic
    2. Do not feed the trolls. Leave them be and report them to
    the staff.

    -Abuse of PM/Emails
    1. Staff can
    not look at your Private Messages or Emails. So its up to you to report
    it to us.
    2. If you are caught abusing PMs we will take away the
    ability to ever send a message.
    3. If your email is being abused we
    suggest taking down your email off of here and blocking the msgs you

    1. Copyright is when you
    claim someone else's work as your own
    2. Doing this will probably
    result in a instant ban

    -No Suicide related content
    Just keep it to yourself or see a doctor

    Signature Images should not be more 500x250. Their Should only be 1
    2. Their can be up to 2 lines of text
    3. Admin/Moderators
    can break these rules if they please =P

    Note: No one will ever
    ask your your account info. Not even the staff. If someone does then
    report them ASAP
    Note2: These rules are subject to change.
    Rules apply to the whole forum(Forum Chatbox, the forum
    itself, ext.)

    Forum Rules! Halo_r11

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